Resentments and The Dark side of the Force

What do Star Wars and resentments have in common? Many people brush off resentments as small points of anger and disappointment that hold little weight with regards to their current mental health. However, many experts in recovery and addiction point to resentments as a chief concern, as unhealthy waste of energy that often leads to serious problems and trouble. By way of contrast, resilience is a crucial tool for succeeding in recovery and for making the process successful in the long-term.

We will compare resentments and resilience to Star Wars, looking at how each side of this timeless saga demonstrates opposite ways of living and how they relate to resentments and resilience in modern day approaches to recovery.

The Light Side of the Force and Resilience

Like recovery, Star Wars is a timeless challenge between the light and dark side of the force. The Light side of the force, just like resilience, is a powerful force that allows a person to draw strength and focus on solutions rather than problems. A person in recovery can maneuver their way through the difficulties of addiction by using resilience to push them and build their progress.

Luke Skywalker, a prominent character in the Star Wars saga, is a prime example of resilience. He faces life’s greatest adversities with a positive outlook and determination. Whether it is helping the rebel alliance defeat the Empire or becoming one with The Force, Luke does not give in to defeat and perseveres in the face of danger. This same attitude can help a person in recovery as they go through their journey and take on the daunting task of overcoming addiction.

The Dark Side of the Force and Resentments

Conversely, the dark side of the force, just like resentments, is rooted in a deep corrosion that stifles a person. Resentments are stuck in the past and do not give a person clarity in the present moment. Anger and hurt often get locked in the depths of a person’s mind and heart, and it is hard to shake free. Similarly, the dark side of the force is an overwhelming ocean of hatred and malice, which Emperor Palpatine values as his most powerful tool. These feelings of anger and fear blind Palpatine and lead to his eventual downfall.

The same type of darkness can arise with resentments in a person’s life. When a person is rooted in old anger and hurt, they can become unbalanced and unable to focus on the present moment. The anger and frustration can consume them, leading to disastrous outcomes in the form of relapse or health problems.

Risks & Counter Argument

Although Star Wars may provide a useful comparison for understanding resentments and resilience, some may argue that it is an overly simple explanation for a complex problem. Addiction is an incredibly personal issue and is rarely as easy to understand as a sci-fi fantasy scenario. Furthermore, people dealing with resentments and recovery might be overwhelmed by this comparison, thinking that their situation can be “solved” by simply making the right choices in the face of challenge.

Overall, resentments and resilience are analogous to the story of Star Wars and are helpful to understand the emotional and mental challenges associated with addiction and recovery. Resentments act like the power of the dark side of the force, holding a person back through outdated worries and fears. On the other hand, resilience is akin to Luke Skywalker, a hero who stands up to life’s troubles and conquers them. Although some may argue that this analogy is oversimplified, there is still power in it for those who are looking for direction and guidance on their path to recovery.

When a person is rooted in old anger and hurt, they can become unbalanced and unable to focus on the present moment.

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